Monday, 18 July 2011

IVF update

So Friday was our IVF consult, we got to the RE's office and they were running behind - we waited 50 minutes to see the RE, which meant our 3:30 appt became 4:20 - and the clinic closes at 4:30...

So we sit down with Dr. H, and he explains he is stumped, the follicles counts are good, the sperm is good, all our tests are great, but since we have done 3 IUIs and nothing has happened he would not recommend anymore.  So the options left, continue trying naturally with a 3-5% chance each month or IVF with a  50% chance.

He would recommend IVF with ICSI.  It works out including drugs around $9000, but if it doesn't work the next cycle is discounted.  I asked questions about scarring from the D&C and he says there is none (big relief) and immune testing and although my tests have all been normal, we will do the blood tests again, and check vitamin B12 and Iron as I am vegetarian.

The bad note, leaving the money aside, is that they will only transfer 1 embryo.  That made me feel pretty bad, I was hoping they would transfer 2, given the cost of IVF and the fact that I desperately want it to succeed I would think the chances are much better with a transfer of 2...

So DH and I discussed and I think we are going to take a few months off while we save up the rest of the money, we are targeting October, so we call the clinic in Sept.  I can't go on BC so instead they will use another drug.

So I am trying to lose some of this excess IF-weight gain :( and get myself and our finances healthier for October - I am finally seeing a little glimmer of hope on the horizon - maybe 2011 can end as a good year!

Oh and on the weight front - 2lbs loss so far :)


  1. Hopefully time moves quickly for you! I hope you feel better now that you have a plan in place- I know that always makes me feel more relaxed!

  2. Hopefully the wait will go by quickly - I know when we first planned our IVF it was January and we were planning for April - I thought it seemed so far off, but it was upon us before I knew it. Best of luck with your goals for in the mean time!