Friday, 21 October 2011

Second Beta

Oh my god - how stressful it has been waiting for these second numbers.  I've had all sorts of awful thoughts and worked myself up into a little bit of a panic.

So without further ado: 15dpo: 265!, with a doubling time of 38hrs :)

I have still not had a call from the clinic but I did go in after 10am to get the blood work done, and they don't guarantee a same day call in those situations. Luckily for me, in Canada you can sign up for your lab results to be accessed electronically :)

So 265!! I am officially Pregnant!!  I now await the clinic to call to see whether they want another beta drawn, and when to schedule the first ultrasound.

I will continue taking my heparin shots until the end of the first trimester so my belly will continue to be a lovely mottled shade of purple and yellow bruises.  DH has affectionately nicknamed me "leopard girl" - lucky me ;)

I feel truly happy (yet still a wee bit terrified).


  1. Fantastic news :)) Congratulations... great that you can get your results in advance - the wait is soooo hard :) So so happy for you xoxo

  2. Awesome!!! And, yay for bring able to access them online! I'm jealous! :). Such great news!!