Thursday, 24 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving to all my US readers :)  We celebrated last month in Canada, so while you all get 2 days off enjoying turkey, I get to work today.  On that note though, it's nice and quiet cause all the US staff are on vacation ;)

Today I'm 9weeks! and I am so very, very thankful.  In 6 more days I will get my second u/s and we will get to see the baby again.  Assuming all is well I'll then be released to my doctors care.

This is a scary time for me, last time we lost the baby at 7w5d, but we didn't find out till the u/s at 9w6d.  As life would have it - the next u/s is also scheduled for 9w6d. The similarities in the dates have me a little freaked out, as does my disappearing/reappearing symptoms.

I have realised over the past few weeks though that what is going to happen will happen, I am doing my very best to make everything work out, but if something does go wrong, at least I know that I could not have done anything different to prevent it.  Last time I spent a lot of time blaming myself, and analyzing every little thing I had done looking for a reason, an answer where none could be found.

I am trying to live in the "now", appreciating what I can while suffering through all day nausea, vomiting, burping constantly, the smells and the fatigue.  I am envious of those who are cruising through their first trimester with no m/s.  I truly can not wait for the second tri - I am looking forward to relief of these symptoms, and a little less anxiety :)


  1. I can understand your worry due to your last experience. have my fingers crossed that all is well. And hopefully you will only have a few more weeks with m/s.

  2. I definitely understand the anxiety. I am trying desperately not to stress about my next scan, but I'm just very scared. We had the same experience of a missed miscarriage -- we didn't find it until 11.5 weeks, but the loss probably happened at 7.5 weeks, too. So, just knowing that my next scan at 10 weeks is where we'd find that same's killing me. I was offered a scan today and I turned it down -- I want to keep believing.

  3. That is a great way of thinking. What is going to happen will happen, it is not your fault and there is nothing you can do. I had that frame of mind when I had my chemical and I am trying to keep my mind that way as we get closer to our IUI.

    Congrats on 9 weeks and I can't wait to hear the update from the US.