Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Water Retention joys!

So 28weeks and 6days, I'm overjoyed to make it this far, but things are starting to get hard!

Who knew getting out of a chair, or turning over in bed had to be a 4 step process! Try tying shoe laces or picking something up off the floor!  I made the rookie mistake in Walmart the other day and did a squat type move to get muffins off the bottom shelf - I had a major panic moment when I realised I could not get back up!! DH was nowhere in site, and I think sheer panic helped, I will not be doing that move again (and yes, I really did need the muffins!)

NSTs (non-stress tests) are on-going - weekly appts at the hospital, baby seems to be doing fine, his HB is always strong, although he tends to wait till the monitors are off before he kicks.  The first week he was a star, I think he's over it now ;)

We ended up at L&D over the weekend, on Thursday I noticed that I had some pretty impressive swelling in my legs/ankles, with the left being far larger than the right.  Having had 2 blood clots in my left leg previously, I decided to elevate the legs and see what happened in a few hours.  After a couple of hours of rest, and no improvement, we phoned the on-call doctor who recommended an immediate check-up, cue the L&D visit.  We were monitored for around 1.5 hours, baby was doing fine, given 2 shots of heparin, and had an U/S booked for the next morning to check my leg.  U/S came back normal, although leg was still more swollen than the right, so we got sent home, with strict instructions to return should anything seem off.  Everything appears fine to me, so we will have another check-up on Friday with my regular doctor to see how things are going, and to check the legs.  I figure I'm just lucky and the water retention will now be another item to experience - I miss my ankles though :(

On the plus side, L&D is very nice, the nurses/doctors were all lovely and the rooms nice and spacious :)  One downside was hearing the woman in the next room vomiting and then screaming as she went into labor - I've picked a nice, happy, painless birthing, I'm still staying nice and calm about the whole experience.

11 weeks to go! 9 weeks of working left!! 4 weeks till my baby shower!  I can not wait to hold our LO in our arms, although I am a little worried about the transition of actually having to look after a baby :)


  1. I do think, sometimes, with the NST that the babies know the monitors are on and just sit quietly waiting for them to go away before they start kicking.

    Glad to hear there isn't a clot but that's very scary! Keep an eye on it!

    I'm with you about both being excited for the baby to come and worried! I think there's something about waiting for so long to get here and then suddenly thinking "omg, what the hell happens now?!" But, I think it'll be great for both of us and it's coming so soon! Yikes!

  2. I hear you about the bending down thing, and just moving around...
    Take care of yourself and take it easy...