Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Full term?

I'm 36 weeks today, according to the WTE app I'm in my 37th week and thus full term! I know I keep saying it but that's just crazy!  We have 4 weeks left till d-day (due date), I go back and forward on whether I think we will go early or late now.

I am hoping to go around the 20th - about 7/8 days early so I have a little time getting used to caring for a newborn before my parents arrive!

I'm getting more pains these days, and last night I think DH was worried it was go time, I went to bed early cause I just didn't feel quite right and had pains every time i stood up and went to the bathroom.  I think the baby has just dropped even lower and the pressure is now pretty intense.  I had some back pain earlier but I'm feeling okay now, it's so hard for me to define pain levels.  Having never really had contractions before, it's also hard to determine if the pain i am having is actual contractions or just squirmy uncomfortable baby movements.  My belly is pretty much rock solid most of the time, so I'm unsure when they explain the tightening sensation feeling, is that what i am feeling or is that just my normal belly?

This morning I heard the best news though! My brother and SIL have been TTC for 9 years, with one failed IVF, they just got the results of their FET and they are pregnant! I am so overjoyed for them - it's just wonderful news, they are obviously still being cautious but you could hear the relief in their voices when they called.  I remember that so well.

And because I think this post should finish on something cute, I show you the babies home coming outfit, well cardigan, booties and hat.  These were hand knit by me, and are more blue than the photo shows them, I am hoping the wee monkey comes out at the right size to wear them.

This week we will install the car seat into the truck and pack the hospital bag!  Still got to pick up the medicine stuffs, but I did get nail clippers and one of those snot extractor thingies ;)


  1. This is cutest cardigan I have ever seen :)

  2. I love the cardigan! I have also been feeling more and more pressure....I am so afraid I won't know when it is 'go time'. Fortunately, all the pains I have subside pretty quickly if I change what I am doing, take tylenol, drink water or change positions. BH contractions make my belly rock hard but most of the time I can push on my tummy and my fingers will push in about a half inch or so....not 'soft' but not rock hard either. Congrats to your brother & SIL!! That is truely wonderful news!!

  3. Love the knitting! And, yay for being so close to ready!! That's wonderful about your brother and SIL. Wishing them much luck!

    I'm so excited for you that you're so close to meeting your little one!! Yay for term!

  4. Very cute adorable home coming outfit! Well done YOU! I haven't had any contractions either, so I don't even know what or how is it supposed to feel. Congrats to your brother and SIL.

  5. Beautiful outfit! I am totally impressed with your knitting skills! Congrats to your brother and SIL! Praying their little one grows nice and strong.