Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sonohysterogram done and a protocol!

So today I had the Sonohysterogram done, it was a little painful, but it was over pretty fast!  It all looked good, and my sample will be sent off for biopsy now.  It took less than 10 minutes once they finally got started.  My appointment was at 11:45 and I was finally seen at 12:30.  I hate waiting, especially on things like this, and I had taken my pain pills when supposed to so they were wearing off by the time they finally saw me.

After that we did the orientation at the clinic, they gave us a big binder of details and forms and sat us down to discuss all the options.  I will re-read them all tomorrow I think - there was a lot of details.

I got the draft protocol, as it all depends on when I ovulate this month and when AF starts.  Basically on Day 21 (as long as I have ovulated) I will start on Suprefract (Lupron) and stay on it right through.  Then when AF arrives I call the clinic they will plug in the dates and will give me a proper timeline, but I will be on low doses of Repronex and Puregon for the 9-12 days, and then we will do the retrieval.  After that I get to stay on Suprefract, add in an anti-biotic, start taking Heparin (because of a previous DVT) and then we cross fingers till the 5 day transfer, and then for the 2ww.

I am hoping on transferring 2 blasts, although my clinic will try to limit the transfers I think.

The clinic offers a low risk option with ICSI being cheaper and the next cycle being half price, but you have to buy the drugs from the clinic and they appear to be a LOT more expensive.  I costed the drugs out at 3 different places (bearing in mind I may need more drugs at some point) but based on 10 days of stims here are the costs:

Ivfmeds.com      -   802.22
Local Pharmacy - 1182.00
RE Office          - 1775.00

The above costs are for 900ml Puregon & 10x75ml of Repronex.  I will also need to get Estrace, Prometrium, Suprefract, Doxycycline, Asprin and Heparin (but these are covered under my insurance at 80% coverage - YAY!) I need to add in HCG too.

So the ICSI is $6000 + meds, or the premium package (risk shared) is 5,500 if you buy the meds from the doctor and the second round would be 3000.

So 2 rounds buying the meds ourselves would be 13,604, or 2 rounds special with the RE = 12,050.  Its such a hard choice to make, because I am so hoping we only need 1 round..  I should probably check if the second round at 3000, is a FET or a fresh cycle.

So many things to think about but its all moving ahead and looks like our retrieval and transfer will be early October!! Woot!! Fingers crossed!!


  1. Exciting! I have no idea what to tell you in terms of what option to take. I'm all for thinking positive, but I'm also a big what-if'er (totally not a word!)- It sounds like the two options are pretty close in price if you ended up needing a second cycle. AHHH,I hate decisions- especially when large sums of money are involved! Good Luck

  2. Arghh. I hate having to think about 'what next' before you know whether this round has worked. But it makes sense to plan ahead, however depressing it might be. Roll on October!