Tuesday, 30 August 2011

An Award!!

Woohoo - I got my first ever online award :)  Thank you Sarra!!

It's a very apt award, as I love to hug people!  My mum used to say there is nothing a wee cuppa tea and a hug can't help.  Well now I know there is, but the hugs and tea always help put things back in perspective!!

3 Reasons why I love comments:

1/  I feel less alone, I don't have any RL friends going through this IF journey and thus their comprehension of my feelings is lacking

2/ I don't feel quite so crazy!  I love seeing other peoples perspectives, and knowing that I am not the only one thinking these thoughts, or having these feelings really helps

3/ A comment can really brighten up my day.  I smile when I read them - I am amazed that people I have never met can be so caring and compassionate.  It helps renew my belief in peoples goodness.

My blog is small and new so I only have five followers and only 4 commenters so you ladies all get tagged :)   I'm sure you ladies have already been linked by this, so I totally understand if you do not re-blog.  But please know that you guys are in my heart, and I read your blogs and think good thoughts for each of you.

Here's the rule:

1/ Thank the original poster and link back to them :)
2/ Give 3 reasons why you love comments
3/ Award your top 10 commenters and let them know about it!

So without further ado, the winners are......

1/ Sarra at "A Bittman Baby Story"
2/  "Wishing and Waiting" 
3/ E & R at "Dreaming of Babies"

Thank you ladies for all your support!


  1. Thank you for tagging me in this post! I am so excited for you that your IVF cycle is coming up so soon! Fingers are crossed and prayers sent your way for success!

  2. Thanks for this, lovely to have a virtual hug across the internets!