Monday, 26 September 2011

I saw this on a blog I follow, and liked it so much I thought I would share with my own responses....

Infertility Survey

1. Name of the future mommy to be?: K

2. Name of the future daddy to be?: R
3. How long has the future parents been together/married?: 14 years together, 11 years married!
4. When did you start trying to conceive?: October 2008
5. What is the hardest part of T.T.C?:  The uncertainty of unexplained IF, the feeling of failure every cycle that does not result in pregnancy, being lapped by friends who were pregnant when we were.  Watching other people fulfil my dreams :(   Being isolated and misunderstood/marginalized by fertile people.
6. What does the future mommy want to have?:  Ideally 2, a boy and a girl would be wonderful, but at this point a healthy baby is the top of my list
7. What does the future daddy want to have?: both.  
8. Is there a certain month or season you’d like to have the baby in?: When i was naive about TTC I wanted a baby born in summertime.
9. What are you looking forward to most when you finally conceive? 
being a mum, and holding my baby in my arms. 
10. What has been the best thing about the T.T.C. process?  I am stronger than I ever knew I could be, my DH and I have a better relationship. 
11. Pick out any names yet, for when the big day comes?:  We have potentials for both a girls and a boys name.
12. Any certain reason for choosing those names? The girls middle name is a family name. 
13. Do you know what T.T.C. stands for?: ...
14. What things do you do to check for when your fertile?: Right now we are undergoing IVF1 so nothing, but usually I use the CBEFM, and BBT along with CM checks.

15.Do you use Ovulation Tests? Yes - Clear Blue monitor. 
16. What does the future daddy do to help you with T.T.C. process: He supports me :) He is wonderful and accepting of my crazy mood swings and I love him more than I ever thought was possible.  

17. How long do you plan on continuing the T.T.C process?: Undecided.
18. Will you consider In-Vitro or any other type of Infertility medicine?: On first IVF cycle now.
19. Have you had your pre-conceiving physical?: No, but have since had all the testing done
20.How many children would you like to have?: The plan was 2-3, we will see what happens.
21.Have you started buying some baby stuff?: No, I can't bear it since our first loss.
22.Any books that you’ve read that have been helpful?: None that helped us conceive, but one or two that helped me emotionally deal with the process. 
23.Is your family and friends supportive of deciding to T.T.C.?: My family does not know, I have told 3 close friends - that has been helpful.  
24. Have you made any BIG changes in your life to help you conceive? If we heard about it we've tried it... no caffeine, no alcohol, no soy, eating pineapple, eating yams, acupuncture, herbs, IUI and now IVF.
25.Have you abstained from alcohol and drugs? Alcohol has been severely limited, abstaining during and the month before IVF.  Drugs don't come onto the table.
26.So if you unfortunately do not conceive, then what?: not sure what the plan is, most likely save up for adoption.
27.Are you healthy enough to be pregnant?: Yes, I am carrying a little extra weight (3years of IF will do that to you!), but I am healthy enough.
28.Do you really think your ready to be a parent?: Yes, although who can ever be truly ready.  All i know is that our baby would be loved and cherished and raised responsibly in a healthy home environment..
29.Any advice for other woman out there T.T.C.?: Try to remain hopeful

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