Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Triggering tonight


This mornings u/s went well, and as long as the blood work is good this afternoon we trigger tonight at 9:30pm, and are scheduled for retrieval Thursday morning!!  I'm very excited, but also want to throw up a little...

Lining was at 9mm - I didn't realise it could shrink but we will see what it is on the day of transfer I guess - Dr. H. seems happy enough

Follies: There were 11 above 12 mm (here are the numbers I recall - a 19, 3*18, 2*17, 15, 14) and 9 under 12mm.

Apparently due to the large number of small follies, I am at risk for OHSS, so I get to start taking a new med tonight after trigger for 8 days, fun times!

I am excited about triggering though - it is nice to not have to do stims tonight - just one shot :)


  1. Hope the trigger went smoothly! Keep that OHSS at bay and YAY for retrieval so soon! Good luck!!!

  2. Thinking about you! Make sure you are drinking gatorade to help with OHSS!