Saturday, 8 October 2011

Day 2

Sorry for the long pause between updates but my dad is visiting and my blog time is sparse

ER went well - 15 follicles were retrieved, Dr. H was pleased and although I was a bit nauseous after I went home and napped and felt pretty okay.  Sore, a little bloated but happy with 15!

Day 1 - I got the call, of the 15, 12 were mature, of those 12 we did 8 ICSI, and 4 normal, all 12 fertilized!!

Today the call let us know all cells turned into embryos and are progressing nicely - they should be 2-4 cells, and we have 3 over achievers (2 5 cell, and 1 6 cell).

The grading scale my clinic uses is 1- 20, 20 being top of the line (and rare), and the avg is 16-17..

We have;

3 * Grade 19 (the word "Spectacular" was used to describe these!)
4 * Grade 18
1 * Grade 17
1 * Grade 16
3 * Grade 15

Tomorrow we go in at 9:15am to discuss with the embryologist and Dr. H what the plan will be 3 Day or 5 day transfer, based on how well they do overnight!  Exciting times!!

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  1. Such great numbers!! I hope the appointment went well and everything is still developing along and getting ready to return home! :)