Monday, 10 October 2011


So we did a 3day transfer yesterday, after chatting with Dr H and the embryologist. Dr H will not transfer more than 1 blast on day 5, and I figured to maximise our chances we can do a 3day transfer of 2. So I am currently PUPO with twins!!! The transfer went really smoothly, we got a pic of the embys and one of them settled in their new home. Apparently stats wise we have a 55% chance of implanting and a 27% chance of twins - the implantation stats are the same with a 5 day but the twin risk would raise to 50% apparently. We transferred 2 grade 19, the embryologist said they were very special!, one was already compacting so fingers crossed. I am worried we should have waited to day 5 but who knows really... We have 6 embryos left that are being cultured to day 5 for freeze, 2x19, 2x18, a17,a 16 and a 15 - I hope they push on and make it! Spending today on the sofa again watching movies, I am so filled with love when I look at the photos, roll on beta day on the 21st!! Happy thanksgiving!


  1. Yay for being PUPO together my fellow couch-bound friend!!! I'm excited about your special embryos! :)

    I totally can't stop looking at my embryos' pictures!! We've got a print out on the fridge and then I've got one on my iPad that I might have to make the background pic. So in love.

  2. Sounds promising!!!! Rest up :)

  3. Hi =)
    Just found you by chance from a fellow blog-roll.. got intrigued by your headline. And you know what, our official test date is also 21st of October!
    Congrats on being PUPO!!

  4. What amazing news!!! Will be thinking of you lots, and praying for your little babies xo

  5. Wonderful news on being PUPO with twins... that's such a wonderful feeling :) My transfer is hopefully only a few weeks away. Have my FXd for you as you head towards the 21st :))
    I have a private blog but happy for other IF/IVF and BLMs to join... just email me or comment on my updater blog {} and I'll send you an access link :))

  6. Sounds fantastic!! Crossing my fingers for you! Congrats on PUPO!!