Friday, 14 October 2011


5 Days post 3 day transfer and this 2ww is going slowly!!!!

I am excited but a little terrified - I don't even want to contemplate that this did not work, but I can feel that little spark in the back of my mind already.  I so desperately want this to be it, for me, for my husband, for my parents.  I bought some baby gifts for friends today, I was able to smile at a newborn and act like myself - it was wonderful, so nice to look at baby clothes without overwhelming sadness.

I'm now on Heparin shots twice daily, estrace and prometrium 3*daily, vitamin D, Calcium, Iron, folic acid, baby asprin and my prenatal - I feel like all I do is pop pills!  It's all going to be worth it though :)

We got a call on Day 5 to let us know how the rest of the follicles got on, of the 6 we had remaining - 4 made it to Blast and were frozen.  We have 2 grade 18s, 1 17 and 1 15 - so very pleased with that.  It makes me think that the 2 grade 19s we transferred have a great shot!

I'm still unsure about the 3 day versus 5 day transfers but I feel a little better about the 3 day now.  I know we could have waited till day 5 but I def. wanted 2 put back.  Since this whole journey is out of pocket for us, I thought it best to try to maximise the chance of coming home with one sticky bean!

Next Friday seems so far away... my dad leaves on Wednesday so I may test that morning to see, but I have no clue yet.  Already I can feel the need to pee on a stick LOL

Fingers crossed!!!


  1. Fingers are crossed for you!!! Such an exciting time :)

  2. Crossing my fingers for you!!

  3. Oh, you are taking quite a lot of drugs/supplements still. I'm only on the progesterone.
    In the wait together then.. Friday can't come fast enough now! I might test a few days earlier but don't know yet. It's scary as well..

  4. The waiting is terrible!!! It's so frustrating to know that SOMETHING is going on but we can't actually know what it is.

    Crossing everything for you!

  5. Oh, and YAY for the great frosties!!

  6. 2WW is the worst! Best of luck!