Monday, 19 December 2011


That was the heartbeat at my doctors appointment this morning!  I wasn't expecting to hear a hb, I went in for my physical exam, all is looking good, excellent bp, lost 5lbs since the last appointment (but doc says nothing to worry about), and got to hear the baby.

I feel so much better - completely reassured me for tomorrows NT scan.  Such a beautiful sound and a lovely high number :)

My doctor says they don't, as standard, tell the gender so if I want I can go to 2 places to get a separate scan, but I'm hoping my accent will sway them when i chat with them at ultrasounds ;)


  1. Wow!! A nice, strong heartbeat! Isn't that such a beautiful sound. So, wait, your doctor's office never tells the gender? THat's odd! I would die if we didn't get to find out! We are actually doing a separate scan just so I can find out before the holidays, but we would have found out anyway Jan. 9 at the anatomy scan. Are you having any intuition about which it might be?? I'm guessing boy for you!

  2. thanks - yes apparently people were getting antsy and complaining to the people who do the ultrasounds about them not being right, or the baby wasn't co-operating and it was taking too long.. seriously??!!!

    so as standard they do not tell anymore, although I'm hoping they will tell me if I am super nice to them! Either that or I'll go get a scan done and pay for it - it would be lovely to find out before xmas :) I think we'll find out end of Jan/ beginning of Feb - that should be our 18-20wk scan!

    I'm thinking boy - but I guess i've got a 50/50 chance right now! :D

  3. Amazing news!!! :) Isn't it the most beautiful sound you've ever heard? :)

  4. Yay!! What a gorgeous sound. Now for the big one, I can't believe we did it!

  5. YAY for a great heartbeat!! :)

    And, that's really bizarre about the gender. You'd think they'd at least let you say "I'm willing to take the risk that you're wrong but please tell me what it is." It's not like this is a new thing!

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  6. Lovely to hear! I would like to know the gender as well :)

  7. That is so nice you got to hear the heartbeat! I hope the scan went well and your accent worked!