Wednesday, 21 December 2011

NT Scan

Yesterday was the NT scan - to be honest I'm a little disappointed in how it all happened.

I drank my water and got the the appt. 20 mins early as requested, they took us in 10mins late, but I didn't really care, I just wanted to see that beautiful baby and relax :)

So the radiographer introduces herself, mentions the reason for the test, and then comments that this is "a Dr. H creation".  I smiled and said yes, although on the inside I was thinking why does that matter and it stung a little.

So she started the scan, she was not very gentle at all, it felt like she was trying to work her way down to my spine... we could see the baby right away - kicking and squirming away.  There was a beautiful profile where the baby had it's legs stretched all the way out and looked amazing - I asked if we would get a picture from this scan and was told this is a diagnostic test, then she told me she needed quiet to do her measurements.

We spent the next 20 minutes in silence, while she moved the wand around, ground in a bit, and made notes.  At the end of it she handed me the towel to wipe myself off, and i asked if the baby measured on target - meaning 12w5days, she told me all results would go to my doctor and she wouldn't discuss them with me.

She handed us a u/s picture she took at the end - a blurry shot of the babies spine... I think I left the room in shock.  So I sit here and wait, wondering when we will get the results - I don't know if the doctor will phone us, or if we have to wait till our follow-up appt mid-Jan.  We've done the first set of blood work, the second set is due between Jan 5 and 15th.

I was so looking forward to the scan, and although I did get to see the baby, I just feel a little let down.  I am a naturally inquisitive person and I really like when people explain things to me, I left feeling quite dejected.  Which seems so silly because I got the see LO, who is super active and that should have let me smiling like a fool.

Tomorrow I am 13 weeks!


  1. I would have been disappointed to have a scan like that as well. Sounds like the tech could use a lesson or two in bedside manner - whether she is just not allowed to discuss results or not, she could have been a little more gentle and understanding in her delivery! Hope all turns out well and happy 13 weeks!

  2. I would have been bummed too. That tech sort of sounds like a jerk! Yay for 13 weeks!

  3. Wow. I definitely would have been bummed, too! I'm so sorry you had such a useless sonographer.

    Congrats on 13 weeks and seeing the little one -- one way or another!

  4. So sorry you had such an experience but I am glad you got to see little LO! I told my husband about your experience (you are actually the second person this week I have read that had a bad experience with the NT scan) and he said that you should tell the dr about it. Doctors can't be everywhere all the time so they don't know if their staff are mistreating the patients unless you tell them. Congrats on 13weeks! I think we are officially in the 2nd trimester now!!

  5. Having done ultrasounds it is a rule that they are not allowed to tell you anything, but she doesn't have to be grumpy about it. And I don't understand why they can't just take a pic. It only takes a second. All of my family and friends got pics at their NT scan. Actually that is where they got most of their pics. So sorry you had a bad experience. Give the Dr a call for the results.

  6. Gosh we both had terrible u/s done! I feel let down, maybe we built it up too much?? There is just no need to be rude and miserable, ever!

  7. It's amazing how many people I have heard say that their technician for the NT scan was kind of harsh. I'm so sorry you had that experience. I declined to do the test, but my big anatomy scan is next week and I hope I get a friendly/nice technician. Hope your news from the scan comes back perfect!

  8. OMG!! First of all Congrats on your BFP!!! I've been lacking on my following and was delighted to see you've already had your NT scan. So sorry the tech was so formal and insensitive. Hopefully your next appointment will be much more pleasurable. Congrats again!