Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New year :)

So I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and new year - I took a wee break and relaxed for the week - it was blissful.

We are 14weeks and 5 days today - it seems crazy - like it's been forever already, and yet still feels like we have so far to go. Still down 2lbs so that's pretty good.  I can't wait to get a full proper bump though, so i look pregnant rather than looking like the lady that ate all the pies!

New years marked 100 days down - so that was a nice wee achievement, and I even managed to stay awake till the bells.  I went to bed at 12:05 - I really pushed myself to stay awake with DH and had a glass of sparkling apple juice - it was scrumptious!

Feeling pretty good, still having some sleep issues, and general worrying thoughts every few days, but I feel myself getting happier and happier with each passing day.

I have bought 4 items of baby clothing now! All 4 are sized 6-12 months.  So far we have 3 onesies (in the UK we call them babygros) - they are all neutral Xmas themed ones (that i got on sale for next year), and all 3 feature bears :), and I bought a cerise pink dress! Yes, I know, I know... I have thought since day 1 this baby is a boy, however last week I woke up and told my DH that it was a girl, he said he also had a dream that night that it was a girl... so who knows...

We don't generally get told the sex here at the anatomy ultrasound, so it looks like we will have to schedule a private appt. to find out.  There is a doctor here who does them at 21weeks - which seems a lifetime away right now.  If we find out the baby is a boy, the dress will be given to his cousin due in Feb :)

Next appt is Jan 19th - it seems like it's been an age since our last appt.  Still no NT scan results, but I will phone my doctor today and see if that's the norm.  Still debating purchasing a doppler to ease my mind.....


  1. We have an ultrasound on the same day =) Jan. 19 hurry up!

  2. My friend bought me a Doppler but I need batteries and like my poas fear I now have a Doppler fear! My belly is out babe, everyone likes to comment.... Your purchases sound so cute!! This is starting to get real!!

  3. I am glad you had a nice relaxing New Year. WOW 14 weeks! On the outside it feels like it is going so fast.

  4. Happy New Year, glad you had a relaxing time. I think I need to wait to my next scan before buying baby clothes. Although started to daydream (and look up) about cribs and stuff :)

  5. I bought a couple of baby items too! My hubby is a dr and I found a tiny pair of scrubs - good for a girl or boy! Hopefully we will start to feel the baby move in a couple more weeks - I know that will make me feel tons better :)

  6. Happy New Year! OMG, I've bought way too many clothes, lol. All the after-Christmas sales, I couldn't resist, haha. I can't believe you're down 2 pounds at 14 weeks! I am up 7.5 pounds total, but I'm not stressing. Just going to try to stay below 25 max. Oh, and I love my fetal doppler. We listen to the baby's heartbeat every night and it does make me feel really happy and good to know everything is great. The one I got off ebay was only $40, so it was cheap. I recommend it, but I had to make a deal with myself that I wouldn't freak out if I ever couldn't find the heartbeat. So far, that's never been a problem.

  7. Happy New Year!! Yay for nearly 15 weeks and for buying some cute clothes!! :)

    I keep debating about a doppler but have reasoned myself into the fact that twins would make it harder to use -- because I know I'd probably end up stressing about it almost as much as I would use it for relief each day.

    I'm with you on feeling like it's already been forever and way too long until we're due, too.