Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Told my boss today

Well I hadn't planned on telling my work till after the anatomy scan on the 1st of Feb, but in a general meeting today it was announced that my boss was changing departments... so after the general meeting we had a chat and I felt it was best to tell her.

Long story short, the department I work in will be closing in December so I would have to move to a new dept. after I get back from mat leave (1 year in Canada).  I don't fancy starting back to work in a new department, knowing no-one or who my boss will be, so the only option is to transfer before I go out on mat leave.

So I told my boss, who was thrilled for us, and recommends we look over the next few weeks at the different departments and hopefully transfer by April, that way I can be up to speed on the new department, get to know my new boss and colleagues and feel a little more secure.

Things seems a little overwhelming just now - it's the unknown that always bothers me.

Dh and I went to a kids shop last weekend and were perusing strollers, cribs and whatnot, to get an idea of prices, and it's all completely overwhelming.  I felt exhausted, and had a nap when we got home.

It feels like it's been ages since my last doctors appt, and we wait till the 19th for the next one, and then have to wait till 1Feb for the u/s.  I've been having vague fear feelings mainly because it's been so long since we saw/heard LO, and although I am trying to remain positive, the lack of pregnancy symptoms/movement makes me feel slightly anxious.

Yes I'm still tired, having issues sleeping, peeing like a racehorse, constantly hungry, and having a few sharp pains every so often - but dammit I want to feel movement so I can relax and call myself names for being so silly.


  1. here here! I have the same symptoms as you but that doesn't reassure me AT ALL! The whole pram, cot, big baby centres is freaking me out. It is so full on!

  2. Oh. I am SO with you on this. I have been silently begging for movement constantly. It doesn't matter how recently I've had a scan ... I just want something reassuring on my own. Otherwise I just feel like I'm tired because I've not been exercising enough, eating too much and put on weight. I had to reveal it to colleagues and students because it has become pretty obvious and, with every reveal, I feel more nervous.

    Please, all of our little ones, start kicking the hell out of us all with some gusto soon, please!!!!

  3. Good luck with the move to your new department.

  4. You seems to have a great boss taking this into though. It's overwhelming starting looking at baby stuff, I agree, I get exhausted too!