Monday, 30 January 2012

18ws 5days!

It seems like it's going by so fast, yet so slow!  I can't believe that in less than 10 days we will be halfway there! It still seems a bit surreal.  The bump is growing - it looks slightly more like it could be a baby rather than just far too much food!

So many people are finding out their babies sex and I am a tad jealous - here in Canada, well in BC,  we have to wait till 23weeks and it has to be a private scan, so end of Feb we should find out hopefully!

So whats been going on with me, well we had a little bit of a fright over the weekend but all appears to be good.  Last week was crazy busy work wise, and I was interviewing for another position within my company - it's been a wee bit stressful but nothing major.

Friday afternoon I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was red/brown on the toilet paper, I swear I almost bawled my eyes out there and then - but I was at a friend house visiting them and their 6 week old baby - hardly appropriate!  A second wipe also gave cause for concern but the third was clear.  After a short visit, I was able to escape home, where i could obsessively worry calmly evaluate the situation.  No more spotting, but I was getting lots of sharp pains in my belly.  After an hour or so, these moved to my lower back.  Of course, my doctors office was shut, the doctor on-call did little to assuage my fears, saying simply if the bleeding or pain got worse to go to the ER.

Even though I had no more spotting the pains were pretty rough, and DH decided rather than have me stress all weekend we were going to emergency.  30 minutes later we were checked in and BP taken - it was high :( .  The pain was coming in irregular waves at this point, lasting about a minute each time, alternating between my back and stomach.  The nurse, who drew my blood, took our history and was crying as she took notes - that did not help ease my fears!

An hour or so later we finally go to see the doctor, he used a doppler and the LO was quite happy with a HB of 157.  Cervix is fully closed, and no sign of blood after a quick internal exam.  The doctor thinks that I simply have painful braxton hicks contractions - fun times!  The blood was most likely old blood hanging around that either came down because of the contractions, or was irritating the uterus and caused the contractions.  As our u/s is scheduled for Wednesday he decided there was not much point in doing one the next day, so we got packaged up and sent home, with strict instructions to return should bleeding increase or cramping become regular/more painful.

Once home I took a Tylenol and the cramps finally broke off around 2am, then Saturday they were sporadic all day and Sunday was pain free.  I had 2 lovely days of complete rest and can't imagine how women on bed rest survive!

Anyways all seems ok, we just have to keep an eye on the braxton hicks if they return, but at least i know what they are now - I'm just lucky I guess that mine come with pain ;)

On the plus side I have been feeling some movement I think - I got a nice kick to the bladder last week, that resulted in dashing to the toilet, and have had a few flutters - for me it feels like the roller coaster feeling where your stomach suddenly drops.  I'm hoping they will get stronger and more distinct as time goes on, being on the "fluffy" side (that's such a great word) I think hopefully in a fortnight they'll be pretty distinct :)

Wow - talk about a novel length post!  Take away is that when something is wrong please don't hesitate going to the ER to get checked out, it's most likely nothing, but the ease of mind is good for you and the baby!  I was worried they would think me a loon - but everyone was super nice to me :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I am so glad everything is ok. I thought Braxton Hicks didn't start until the 3rd trimester, but I guess they can happen anytime (as you found out). I am feeling the baby some now but it is very light...kinda feels like a little bubble popping. I drank a coke this weekend (with caffine - my first in a LONG time) and that made the bubbles come a lot!

  2. Oh love that would have been so scary. I would have freaked as well (well I did remember my one drop of blood after sex story!). A friend of mine is also getting braxton hicks at 23w about 10 a day. Not fun!! I can't wait to find out what I am having!!!!How exciting then I will really start shopping :)

  3. How incredibly scary!! I would have been terrified. I'm so glad everything is OK. Thinking of you for your scan tomorrow.

    That roller coaster feeling is a good description. Lately I've felt more fluttery feelings, but I've also felt a lot of the "whoa, my stomach seems to have dropped" feelings. Hopefully they'll keep getting stronger soon! It's wonderful.

  4. So glad everything is ok! I can't wait till you find out the sex!

  5. So glad all is well. What a scare!