Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Its a....

baby!  haha - still no gender reveal - in BC they can't tell you, so we will book a private exam at 23 weeks and hopefully find out then.

Beware there is an u/s photo in this post - it's the first one I've put up - if you are having a bad day avoid the bottom part of this post!

So 18weeks 6days today, baby is measuring 3 days ahead at 19w2d :)  The u/s this am took 45 minutes, because the little one was being a wee bit stubborn!  We have a very active baby who cannot stay still, but also doesn't like the camera.  They had their backs facing almost the entire time, but we did manage a few nice shots!
It was completely amazing watching the screen as the tech did the measurements - I had a lovely student this time, and then the head of the dept came in for the last 20mins of the exam to ensure all the areas were covered.  It did get a wee bit painful, since baby wasn't the most co-operative, and refused to let the tech get a good heart shot. We may get another exam scheduled to try again for that - we saw the heart - the tech said all looked okay, they just weren't able to see everything they wanted due to babies position. Rolling and walking made no diff to this little one, they were quite comfortable where they were.  
No clues given as to gender, but DH is swearing its a girl, he had a better view of the monitors during the scan. 
I'm doing great so far, I think I'm up about 3lbs. Cravings seem to be fruit (apples, mandarins, nectarines and peaches) and veggie sausage sandwiches (they help with the protein requirements).  No more braxton hicks, which is a relief, and the scan shows everything is locked up nice and tight - that little one isn't going anywhere till June!
I interviewed for a new client Thursday/Friday last week, since the current client contract ends in Dec, and got the job offer on Monday, so will be starting with the new team mid month. Looking forward to it, but not to telling my team & staff that I am leaving :(
So  onto the pics - which are a wee bit blurry;

Talk to the hand!

Profile pic of the face


  1. Hi little baby! You are so cute! Can't wait till you find out the gender :)

  2. Hi gorgeous baby!!! Totally adorable! I love the hand waving :)

  3. I love the picture of the little hand! Do you think you could slip the tech some money and get them to hint at the gender? Just a thought! Glad you are feeling better and there are no more contractions - I asked my husband and he said that if you get dehydrated at all (even a little bit), it can make contractions start. So I am drinking lots of fluids! Can you believe we are almost half way there?!

  4. Such a cute pic of the hand waving! I can't believe you are almost halfway there!

  5. Love those pictures! Isn't it amazing how stubborn these kids can be in the womb!!

    Veggie sausage and fruit are the exact things I'm always craving!!

    Not being able to find out the gender would make me crazy!! It's one thing to decide not to know -- it's another thing to be told you CAN'T find out!!