Friday, 10 February 2012

Halfway there!

I can't believe it, past 20 weeks already! It seems like yesterday I was sat in the REs office waiting for IVF and crossing my fingers that this would work for us.

This journey has had major ups and downs, and it's not stopped just because we managed to get pregnant.  I am so grateful to all the support I receive from you ladies, and to all the comfort I take from reading your blogs.  The blogs have helped me through TTC, miscarriage, fertility treatments and now pregnancy, they have helped me cry, understand myself better, educate me and make me laugh/smile.

Okay enough of the sappy stuff, I cry at the drop of a hat these days ;)

I phoned up to schedule a private u/s this am, which is generally done at 23 weeks, so we figured we have to wait till end of Feb / beginning of March, well the receptionist just scheduled us for next Saturday - the 18th.  I am over the moon, but a little anxious too!  I can't believe in 8 days I will know the sex of the baby - this feels huge!

Once we know, I can start to plan the nursery colours, and I can decide on what to knit.  I've been trying to think of unisex items, so far I have a pair of baby boots done, and I was about to start on a neutral blanket (I was thinking taupe and cream).  DH thinks this is a little girl, and I must admit my thoughts have been straying that way recently, but either way I will be delighted, I can't believe we will find out so soon.

I think I will keep it quiet till the end of the month, from family, not you guys, so DH and I can enjoy our secret for a little while :)

Yesterday I even started looking at baby items online, and made a registry.  I plan to use it to get an idea of all the wee extras - I don't expect people to be buying us stuff.  We don't do baby showers/registries in the UK so it's all a little weird feeling to me.

It was funny deciding on bottles (I think I would like glass), although I hope to breastfeed, and I have picked to cloth diaper, one of my friends made a comment that I am one of "those mums" and "that'll change after the baby arrives", I just smiled and took the comment in my stride.  My mum is a little distraught that the baby will be raised vegetarian, well pescetarian (although we eat fish rarely), and said it was so unfair to deny the child meat.  I imagine I will hear more comments when they start asking about the birth - I am hoping to go natural, although due to medical history I have to do a hospital birth.  I have to shrug off what people think of me, I am doing what feels right for me, and hopefully it'll work out, if not I'll change my plan.

I have realised over the past few weeks that I am now expecting this to work out as planned - that we will end up with a little one in our arms - and that makes me smile.


  1. Yay for 20 weeks and yay for finding out sex in 8 days!! Somehow it just makes it feel more real, I think.

    My DH was funny because he said that now that we know we're having boys he assumes they'll choose to be meat eaters like him and not vegetarians like me. Apparently girls go veg while boys don't? Who knows.

    But, yeah, the "comments" about the birth or cloth diapers or the vegetarianism or whatever else get really old. I want to tell people "We're doing what works for us. You do what works for you and shut up about it."

    I love that you're feeling so positive!

  2. Yay for finding out the gender! So exciting! It's always exhilarating seeing that little on on the screen. Isn't it interesting how many people will voice their opinion about things? That's why we're keeping our name a secret also for the fun of keeping at least SOMETHING a secret. I've heard lots of stories of people giving their opinions about names. I've gotten plenty about finding out the gender. Anyhoo...So exciting that you're half way there! Congrats!

  3. I am so excited for you to find out the gender! You need to do whatever you want and raise this child. You and your Hubby's choice and no one else.