Wednesday, 22 February 2012

wee bruiser

Had our monthly ultrasound today up at the hospital, and he was co-operating (slightly), which made a nice change :)

Got a great shot of the heart, all 4 chambers, all looking good, HB came in at 147, lower than our usual 160 range, but the tech explained that's completely normal.  It was the same tech who did our gender scan on Saturday, and he was fabulous.

We finally got to see his face, and the tech switched to 3D for awhile, although I thought 3D would be awful, I fell head over heels in love.  He was yawning, and stuck his tongue out, and it was fabulous to see.  He's weighing in at 1lb 2oz, and the tech called him a bruiser, hence the title.

I'm so, so happy right now, I feel overwhelmed with love, and am so grateful that things seem to be going well, I can actually imagine getting to hold him in a few short months.  Can you believe we only have 18 weeks to go now!

I'm still debating when to tell family and friends, only DH, myself, you lucky readers, and one friend know it's a boy.  We were getting a lot of pressure from my husbands family to find out and tell the sex, and I can only imagine that once they know it's a boy, the name pressure will begin.

We do have the name picked out, and a few close friends know it, but we are still not 100% decided on it, we are 99.8%, and to be honest I don't want all the family commenting on it.

My brother-in-law just had a little girl, and they changed the name 4-5 times before she was born, and the family all stated their opinions.  Some in favour of names, other names got ridiculed, including the name they actually went with in the end.  I can't imagine being able to tolerate that, I was raised to only say/do unto others as I would like done to myself, and if you don't have something nice to say, keep it to yourself.  I think that it's your child to name as you please, the name may not be my cup of tea - but who am I to judge!

In other news, I finished the babies blanket last night, so now I will start on a little hat I think - I am enjoying finally getting to knit for my own baby :)


  1. Congrats on finding out your baby is a boy! So exciting!! :) And deciding on a name is so tricky, I hear you on that one! I keep thinking we've decided but then we go back and forth. Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey! :)

  2. Just so glad to hear you've got nothing but good news to share! Can't wait to hear the name!

  3. Congrats on a good check up and finding out the gender!
    Choosing a name can be so difficult. I've been thinking of names for years and still have no clue what it will be. Hubby and I don't agree on a single one. Haha

  4. Glad everything is going well! I can't wait to see our baby in 3D...which will probably be around 30-32weeks at the next ultrasound. I agree, names are tricky....and everyone seems to want to give their opinion...ugh. And to top it off, my hubby and I disagree on just about every one. Now that I have most of the nursery finished....I really need to know her name to create things that are embroidered with her name! Hopefully we will figure it out soon!

  5. ohhh post some pics of what you made and are making now!

  6. Mid 140s are where our heartbeats are each time lately unless the kids have been startled or are moving around a lot.

    We've decided that we won't tell anyone the names until the babies are born. It's a lot harder to make comments (at least publicly) about a child's name when the child is already born and the name is already recorded. I don't need anyone else's opinions about it! My SIL did that with her two boys and I think it was a nice surprise for everyone and kept very opinionated family from making any noise. When she said "here is Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla" everyone just said "AWWWW! Look how cute he is!" with no comments on WHAT his name was.

    (And, no, that's not really the name... that's a School House Rock song. But, now that I think about it...we are still looking for a name... ;) )

  7. Hi,
    I found your blog randomly and looking forward to learning from your journey. Congrats on your baby boy!!!