Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Showering of Love

Saturday I had my baby shower - it's not a UK custom, but since I'm in Canada now, I guess we are supposed to accommodate their customs.

It was a beautiful day, my friend picked me up and we drove to the restaurant, 7 of my lovely friends were there - we had a lot of no shows - including one that really upset me.  This "friend" I have known for 7 years, helped with her first preemie baby, supported through a m/c, and even managed to stay in contact (although) lightly during her second pregnancy (where we had our 2nd m/c where our due date would have been 3 weeks after hers), she didn't show up - no call, no explanation, no contact at all for about a month.  I am tired of her drama though, and have decided that if she doesn't want to be friends, then as much as I will miss her oldest kid, I will be able to deal with it.

I feel really blessed though to have these 7 special women in my life, we had a lovely lunch, with some baby games interspersed and the most gorgeous cake ever!

I got a few items off my registry and my cloth diaper collection is on its way to being established :)  Given most of my friends are knitters I was surprised that I only got one knitted item, but I think everyone thought the same thing LOL  I had a fabulous time.

When I got home, I sat down in the rocking chair in the babies room, and ended up in tears.  I think the emotion of the day just overwhelmed me.

On Friday I bumped into an old friend I hadn't seen in awhile who is now 21 weeks pregnant, she was telling me her nursery was finished and all the clothes are washed and put away - and all I kept thinking was "how brave"....  I realised that I haven't washed any of the baby clothes that we purchased, or hung the curtains, or put on the crib bedding - it made me sad that at 32 weeks I still have my doubts we will end up with a little one in our arms :(

NST test this am, the baby did fabulous - we were in and out in 20 minutes, the accelerations were perfect :)  Belly is measuring in at 34 weeks, baby gestational age is 32w6d, next u/s is May 23rd - I can't wait to see how much he has grown and what he weighs in at.  I desperately want a photo of him too :)

I plan this weekend to buy the remaining needed items from the registry - bassinet, car seat, breast pump and cloth diapers.  Then over the next few weeks I'll pick up the remaining odds and ends, I'm not planning on a lot of clothes - we have 4 newborn onesies, and about 10 0-3 month onesies - I think that should be good as a starting point.


  1. Sorry your one friend didn't show. I've had friends that I too have had to just let go of. It's hard.

    I can imagine the over flow of emotions after the baby shower. So glad to hear you had a great time.

  2. Awww, I am so happy for you! At 32 weeks, I think you can be pretty sure this is really happening! I'm sorry you have to always carry that little bit of fear, but I am hoping that a beautiful birthing experience and a beautiful new baby will heal some of that past pain for you.

    You sound much more reserved than I am in the spending department, LOL. I have about 10 newborn onesies (who knows if he'll ever even fit into them) and about 70 0-3 months. I'm dead serious. It's completely insane. I don't know what I was thinking! I just went nuts with the shopping. I try to make myself feel better by reasoning that I can donate all these brand new clothes to a nice family in need someday soon, haha!

  3. I made some decisions last year about cutting people out of my life that just were not worth it and it was the best thing I ever did. I still have one "drama queen" but quite frankly I don't have time for people who make everything about themselves and to not show up - well she can just F OFF!

    It sounds like you had an amazing time. I understand the fear of not washing things etc but at some point you just have to roll with it and accept that you are going to be a mum (you really really are!)

    chon (formerly path to insanity) xx

  4. I'm sorry you are dealing with drama. Sounds like you had a great shower! Have fun buying more stuff and getting everything ready!

  5. That was really terrible of your friend. :( I'm sorry to hear that but ad you had a nice shower anyways. :) good work on the NST baby! And I have not used hardly any onesies at all. I will tell you that Jammies with the little built in mittens ate where its at! Get some of those for sure. :)

  6. Just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! Come check it out!