Friday, 12 August 2011

Facebook Sucks!



  1. I completely feel you on this one. I hate seeing all the baby updates and pictures and pregnancy announcements. I have a cousin who "accidentally" got pregnant and they are in such a tough situation, boyfriend isn't divorced from his wife, neither of them have jobs right now, etc, but she constantly posts happy pregnancy updates on her facebook. I really want to ignore it, lol. I just don't understand a world where someone who doesn't have it all together gets pregnant so easily and a couple like us who is so ready for parenthood is having trouble. I mean, I always knew life wasn't fair, but this almost seems cruel sometimes.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I hope we are IVF cycle buddies! I should start my bcp around the very first of October for 10 days, then stims. Getting excited. Maybe by Christmas, we'll both be announcing our GOOD NEWS on facebook!

  2. I hate facebook. Every time I go in (I join anonymously - in my dogs name to keep up with one friend who is ill) I generally leave in tears seeing baby gender updates, scans, announcements...

    Anyway thanks for your advice about getting on a waiting list - it has worked.

  3. I'm with ya!! I say it at lease once a week..hugs! :)