Friday, 16 September 2011

13DPO, waiting for AF

So I POAS this am and BFN.  I wasn't surprised. I was really, really hoping that this would somehow be a miracle cycle and I wouldn't have to do IVF, but no joy!

So I anxiously await AF, I hear Suprefract can slow things down a little, but I am hoping she arrives by Sunday.  I want to get my baseline u/s and monitoring done and get on the IVF train.  The plan is 75IU Repronex and 75IU Puregon, I will watch the dvd provided by the clinic over the weekend to see how to mix and do the injections :)

The Suprefract injections are getting so much easier - it's crazy I was so worried about them and they are so simple.  No more bruising, they are still a little itchy sometimes but it's all good.

C'mon AF, I want my protocol with dates!!

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  1. Yay for being right on the cusp of stims! You're so close now. I'm really hoping this will be it for you. I'll be about 3 weeks or so behind you, so I'll be following you super close. Thank goodness no more bruising for you. I'm nervous about the shots. Most of mine will be in my upper arm until the progesterone starts, which goes in my hip/butt. Hope my arms don't get too sore and bruised! I'm going to make my husband do all of the shots, hehe. I need to look away!

    Keep us updated on your progress. Can't wait to start hearing some great monitoring reports from you!