Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 9: U/S & B/W

So today is Day 9 of stims, the shots are easy to do but the Repronex is the painful one!  I get some raised red welts, and it stings!  I happily thought last night that soon the injections will be over... that was short lived when I realized after the transfer I start twice daily Heparin shots - yay :(

U/S this morning went okay, DH came with me so that was nice.  We lost track of the counts so here is what I recall;

R: 12, 3x11, 7, L: 12, 11, 9, 8 (definitely less than the 16 counted on Day 6 - maybe they don't measure below a 7?)

Lining is 10mm - that makes me happy - the thickest I had during IUIs was 11 so I figure I have a few more days to thicken that up some more :)

Estradiol: 2380

I will be setting up another u/s & b/w for Sunday, my dosage has been increased to 150Puregon & 75 Repronex every day now.  I guess I'm not responding as well as he had hoped on the lower doses?  Fingers crossed that by Sunday we see some in the 14-16mm range - I think that will help allay some of my fears.

Update: E b/w came back, Dr. is happy with the number and Sundays u/s has been moved to Monday again...

Grow follies, Grow!!!


  1. Grow, grow, grow!! Hopefully Sunday will show some nice big follies!

  2. I think those numbers sound good! It's a lot easier for them to increase and pump things up than it is to stop it when they've given you too many meds, so slow and steady is good. You'll hopefully have some really good quality mature eggs at retrieval! You're so close now. Retrieval maybe next week!